Shout outs + coffee butter cream recipe!

Hey Y’all! This is a shoutout to…my BFF’s blog, and also another blog which is GREAT, !! Also another shoutout for, and !!!All of these blogs are AMAZING, so follow and like them 😀 Anyway, I also am going to tell you a great coffee butter cream recipe!

200g butter

420g Icing sugar

2 tbsp of coffee granules dissolved in 2-3 tbsp of hot milk!

1. Mix the butter until smooth then just simply add all of the ingredients! Xxx

Nammy! Xxx



Hello, this is just a quick thanks to everyone who is supporting and following our blog! I made a mean steak for my mum for mother’s day( so very girly) Right?! 😀 Anyway, thank you to everyone who is following and a quick shout out to littlemisscrafterx and Laurie Nguyen! Thank you for following!! Xxx

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Happy mother’s Day!!

Hello! Even though you probably aren’t my mother ( but if you are, hello mummy!)…anyway…I still say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Xxx Now, I have a Finnish cake recipe which will be ideal for mother’s day and it’s fresh from the Clandestine cake club book! It is a lemon cake, and it is SUPER easy to make but the frosting could prove tricky! Xxx So, here it is:

5 eggs

200g caster sugar

150g plain flour

1tsp of baking powder

4 tbsp of potato flour( don’t ask!!)

Lemon syrup

juice of 2 lemons

150g icing sugar!


200ml double cream

200g mascarpone

2 tbsp icing sugar

325 lemon curd (plus extra for decoration-optional)


600ml double cream

1 tbsp vanilla caster sugar or custard powder



1.Preheat the oven to 180c/160 fan/gas mark. Grease and line a cake tin.

2.Whisk the eggs with the sugar until pale, light and doubled in volume. 

3.In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients and then sift that on top of the egg mixture in two batches(don’t ask me why!?). Fold it all together!

4.Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 35-45 minutes until risen and golden!

5.Meanwhile make the syrup. Combine the lemon juice and the sugar in a pan and wait until the sugar is dissolved.Set aside to cool!

6. Cool your cake.Cut the cooled cake into three equal layers and over each layer pour over the lemon syrup. Don’t put too much on or else it will be really soggy! 

7. Make the filling. Whisk the cream until thick and stiff, whisk in everything else so that the mixture is smooth!


1.Put the first layer on a work surface and put the filling over it and then the lemon curd. Repeat until all of the layers are filled except from the top  one. Make the icing by whipping the cream until piping consistency and add the vanilla sugar or custard powder. Then pipe the mixture onto the cake. Put some lemon curd in a small bag and pipe flowers on top of the cake, then decorate with sugar paste flowers, if you wish.

Woo! That took me a long time to write! Anyway, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! <3! 🙂 😀 !!

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No, sadly we haven’t got 500 views BUT Freza and I have decided that when we get to 500 views then we will do something AWESOME, SUPER AWESOME…AND FUNNY!!! Now, we thought that it would be fun if YOU decided what we do! It doesn’t have to be related to baking but it should be something loosely based on it because our blog is kinda ALL about baking! 😀 LOL! So comment below what you want US to do and if you want us to make a fool of ourselves xxx:) Happy mothers day…tommorrow!!! xxx

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Megan’s entry! :D

Megan’s super awesome recipe!! (This isn’t a real recipe and I wouldn’t try this at home…)

you will need:
30g of dark chocolate
30g of milk chocolate
30g of white chocolate
100g of plain flour
100g of sugar
50g of butter/ Margerine
2 eggs
5 scoops of Unicorn Poo
3 piles of sparkle
7 teaspoons of Ogre Bogies
9 cups of MAGIC!!!

What to do:
In a pan add the eggs, flour, sugar and butter.
Heat the pan until everything has melted and the mixture looks a bit like sick…
Then in a bowl snap the chocolate into little pieces and mix it with the melted mixture.
Put in the unicorn poo and ogre bogies for a lovely texture.
Place the mixture in a baking tray and put in the oven at gas mark 4 (213 Degrees). Bake it for 40 minutes.
After your cake is cooled, sprinkle on the sparkles and magic to create Megan’s fantasy dreamland!!!

😀 Any other entries?! Because so far Megan is up for the prize!!! 🙂 



Thank you SO much for all of your support!! Xxx We thought that we would be lucky to get 10 views!!! Thanks so much and keep the views coming! Xxx We promise that if we reach 1000 views then we will post something SPECTACULAR! We will just have to wait and see what it is…Thank you!!Xxx

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Wall of fame!!

Yup! One person so far! Anyway…let’s not talk about how there is only one person here…lets be happy that there is going to be two soon! -.- Oh well. Just check out the latest competition and you could be on here next!!