:/ Problem.

SORRY! Sorry we haven’t posted in a while and that you still don’t know who the winner of our latest competition is. We have a slight…tiny…miniscule…OK IT’S A HUGE problem! We simply can’t decide who will win our latest competition! So, with great sorrow(oooo posh!) we will tell you the winner later on in the holidays! Oh and remember, it is the HOLIDAYS!! WHOOP WHOOP! 😀 So we are really sorry, we have just been too busy with things lately but we will definitely announce the winner in the holidays!! xxx Hope you are ok with this slight error but it still might be YOU who will win the competition!! Xxx Keep checking back and one day you will see 🙂 xxx Happy Easter/Holidays!!!! Ahve a nice day!! Xxx

Frezamy xxx 😛


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